The PLANTS division currently represents WeGrow’s fast-growing core business and is expanding dynamically in the international customer market.

WeGrow offers four of its own non-invasive hybrid varieties of the fast-growing Kiri tree. These are protected by plant variety rights and patents both in the EU and in other non-European countries such as the USA, South Africa, Turkey, Mexico and Uruguay.

WeGrow carries out industrial plant production in its own CropFactories. The first “CropFactory Germany” was completed and put into operation at the Tönisvorst site in 2021. Since then, production has increased by up to 70% each year. We now supply customers in 47 countries on 5 continents.

For our PLANTS customers, the cultivation of our hybrid varieties for sustainable timber production offers many ecological and economic advantages:

  1. Timber harvest after only 3-4 years after planting for house construction
  2. Sprouts again after harvesting, without re-planting
  3. Absorbs a lot of CO₂ from the atmosphere
  4. Improves soil fertility
  5. Improves the water balance



Sustainable timber production takes place on our own TimberFarms. The TIMBER FARMING division has been part of the Group since 2010 and includes specialized services for the development and operation of Kiri cultivation areas for sustainable timber production.

“TimberFarm Germany” and “TimberFarm Spain” are already fully operational. Full Farming Services are provided at both locations for a total of around 500 hectares of Kiri wood production areas. Customers from the PLANTS division benefit from our many years of practical experience and can use individual consultation services and planting and harvesting services for their own cultivation areas.

Our team of experts in this business unit consists of specialists with experience in project management, agronomy, business management and, especially, in-depth technical knowledge in the field of sustainable kiri tree cultivation. The technical spectrum includes soil science, climatology, irrigation technology, pruning technology, crop management, phytomedicine and harvest and post-harvest technology.

We were the first company in Germany to convert the areas cultivated at the “TimberFarm Germany” site to organic farming and thus become certified organic.

With the TIMBER FARMING division, WeGrow secures the wood supply for the production of wood-based building materials and solid wood construction modules completely without using natural forest resources.




Since the end of 2020, the WeGrow Group has been selling the self-produced quality sawn timber of the Kiri tree as a wholesaler and works together with a retailer network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 30 retail outlets.

In addition to the sawn timber range, we will be offering ecological building materials from our own fully automated KiriFactory production facility from 2025.

  • KiriBloX (solid wood building modules for wall and ceiling construction)
  • KiriTherm® (wood-based insulation elements)
  • KiriDur® (wood-based wall construction elements for interior wall construction)

The building materials developed by WeGrow are based on just a few different standardized building blocks. Similar to a LEGO system, this enables a wide variety of building constructions. A high degree of prefabrication and simple assembly on the construction site reduce the construction time for the shell to a few days and at the same time solve the challenge of a shortage of skilled workers.

The absence of metals and glues as connectors makes our building materials even more sustainable, simplifies deconstruction and enables complete reusability as a circular building system.

From 2025, WeGrow plans to start its own fully automated KiriFactory production plant for the production of KiriBloX, KiriTherm and KiriDur with a secure material supply from sustainable Kiri cultivation outside natural forests.


Construction of modular buildings
Key lock principle plug-in system
No glue, no metal – just joined with wooden dowels


• Solid construction of interior walls
• Mineral bindings
• Biodegradable
• High flash point


High insulation properties
Mineral bindings
High flash point
Only 80 to 100 kg per m3


In the holistic circular economy, from sustainable timber cultivation to the complete use of the grown trees for durable, reusable and ecological building materials, CO₂ is bound in large quantities and permanently stored. With the CO₂ CREDITS division, which is currently being established, the WeGrow Group will also position itself as a platform for trading CO₂ certificates in the future and will be able to provide a seamless transparency chain from young plant production to the finished building.