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ARD “Mittagsmagazin”: Coverage as part of the Earth Overshoot Day

As part of Earth Overshoot Day, the ARD Mittagsmagazin showed an exciting report about WeGrow. In the report, Peter Diessenbacher presented some of the solutions that the Kiri tree offers for a sustainable planet, while showing the production process of the trees from laboratory to greenhouse to plantation. The exciting possibility of the new BUILDING MODULES business unit producing modules for house construction from very young trees was also addressed.


WDR “Hier und heute”: Live report on the Kiri tree

Last Tuesday, we were visited by Chadia Hamadé and her camera team. Peter Diessenbacher told her live on WDR about our current intercropping concept, in which we have grown Hokkaido pumpkins in addition to the Kiri trees.


TV/WDR Lokalzeit: First harvest of the Kiri climate tree in Germany

On Thursday, the television team from WDR accompanied us during the first harvest of the Kiri trees in Bonn. We planted the trees 12 years ago and are delighted that this day was also documented in the following television programme.

WeGrow in the press