Welcome to WeGrow KiriFarm II AG.

WeGrow KiriFarm II AG is a subsidiary of WeGrow KiriFarm GmbH, Deutschland.

WeGrow KiriFarm GmbH Deutschland was founded with the aim of establishing and expanding the company’s own sustainable wood production and in particular to invest in agricultural land, Kiri trees, farm buildings and machines for planting and managing Kiri plantations. It was the next logical step in the WeGrow Group’s expansion strategy to also operate its own Kiri plantations and to benefit from the high commercial value-add of wood production and sales.

To finance this project, WeGrow KiriFarm II AG issued the first bond “WeGrow KiriFarm Growth Bond 2.00%-12.00%” in Swiss francs in November 2016. The issue proceeds are to be invested in WeGrow KiriFarm GmbH by way of loans to finance the expansion strategy described above.

The public offer ended on November 14, 2017.

WeGrow KiriFarm II AG
Landstrasse 14
9496 Balzers
Principality of Liechtenstein

Phone: 00423 388 15 15
Fax: 00423 388 15 30
E-Mail: kirifarm-fl@wegrow.de
Internet: www.wegrow-kirifarm.ch

Company headquarters: Balzers
Registered in the Commercial Register of the Principality of Liechtenstein, registration number: FL-0002.529.198-1

Board of Directors:
Allin Beatrice Gasparian (President of the Board of Directors)
Clemens Gregor Laternser (Member of the Board of Directors)